Hydraulic Services


Hydraulic Engineering Solutions Service

We repair, replace, and maintain broken hydraulic components so that they operate as expected. We can help you focus on your projects by entrusting your machining, repair, and other hydraulic needs to us. We complete them with equipment that’s ready to lift, push, power through, or pump.

We’d like to collaborate with you by creating and producing the finest quality hydraulic accessories that are suitable for your needs, fulfil them, and exceed your expectations in terms of longevity, performance, and lead time.

Full-Service Machine Shop

We provide a comprehensive selection of services to give our customers a high-quality finished product as part of Hydraulic Engineering Solutions‘ skills in machining, fabrication, and mechanical assembly. We can give you an edge when it comes to speed and competitiveness with our legendary adaptability and eagerness to take on technical difficulties.

Hydraulic Manufacturing Company | Hydraulic Engineering Solutions
Hydraulic Manufacturing Company | Hydraulic Engineering Solutions

Expert Services at Your Local Neighbourhood

Hydraulics Engineering Services offers extensive background and knowledge in specialised hydraulics accessories. From pistons to hydraulic cylinders and pins. It has been our goal to provide our clients with fast service on small-scale hydraulic requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing and Repair

We realise that anytime your equipment is down, so are your profits. We understand the importance of exact and expedient replacement of worn components, mechanical and pneumatic cylinders, and seal replacement in today’s automated world.



A comprehensive analysis of your hydraulic cylinder requirements, available working drawings, or existing components is performed prior to the actual manufacturing process. 

We converse with your technical staff to ensure that current designs are adequate. Your ideas are combined with our knowledge and experience, to produce a satisfactory product specification that meets your needs. 

After you’ve decided on a course of action, we’ll manufacture a working model or production prototype for your approval. Upon your approval, full-scale production can commence.


Cylinder Repair Process

Repairing a hydraulic cylinder is an art that our technicians have perfected over the years. We start with a comprehensive disassembly and inspection of the unit. All parts are cleaned, and all seal areas are inspected for wear. If any part is worn beyond its serviceable life, it is replaced with a new one. The barrel is honed to within tolerances that exceed those of the original equipment manufacturer. All other parts are carefully inspected and replaced as necessary.

We check for proper function, external leaks, and dimensional accuracy. Only when your cylinder has passed all these tests to our satisfaction will it be released for shipment.