About Us

Hydraulics Engineering Solutions is a professional engineering service and machining company with our workshop located in Airds Road, Minto NSW. We specialise in providing hydraulic solutions in NSW for both small and medium-scale businesses. As a small business, we pride ourselves on providing machining services backed by highly skilled technicians, dedicated to delivering top-quality results.

Our mission is to act in the best interest of our clients while providing responsive, cost-effective engineering design solutions. When we opened our doors to the public, we saw a gap in the market; to provide fast turnaround on bespoke, small-scale items. No job is too small, and we make sure to maintain results.

Hydraulics Engineering Solutions was founded in 2021. From the very first day, our goal has been to be the best in the business when it comes to hydraulic manufacturing, repair, and services for hydraulic cylinders and pistons. Our
trained technicians with years of experience within the hydraulic industry have made this the foundation of our success: quality repair on demand.

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Our team takes a client-focused approach to our projects to help clients achieve their project objectives. Communication is critical in the formation and upkeep of fast, precise, excellent, and high-quality services. On every job, we aim to operate as project partners and conclude with high client satisfaction.

We will go above and beyond in order to achieve completed repairs on time and under budget, ultimately minimising expenditures as well as maximising operational advantages. We provide a complete range of services.

We have provided professional services to numerous clients within the tail lift and transport industry, but are now expanding into all areas requiring hydraulic cylinder and piston repairs. Hydraulics Engineering Solutions will meet and exceed the level of commitment, understanding, and experience expected from a professional service firm.

Our Team

Hydraulics Engineering Solutions technicians are qualified to work on any hydraulic system in any sector. Our highly skilled team is equipped to address any issue.

We cater to the following hydraulic service requirements:

Hydraulic cylinder repair of all brands, shapes, sizes, and styles.

Hydraulic piston rod repairs

Hydraulic piston repairs

Hydraulic gland repairs

Hinge pin repairs

Hydraulic seal repairs

We provide the best high-quality hydraulic repairs and services at competitive prices. Our friendly customer service personnel are always ready to answer your questions and offer you advice on how to make your project a success.

We work to deliver. Our reliable, transparent methods guarantee that we stay on schedule and under budget. You can rest at ease knowing that you are in capable and dedicated hands who will get the job done properly and on time no matter how big or small the project.

We offer a comprehensive variety of services to our customers because of our team’s background in hydraulics engineering. From minor repairs to complete system rebuilds, we have the knowledge and experience needed to get the work done.

Contact Hydraulics Engineering Solutions immediately if you require a dependable, high-quality hydraulic solution. We’re here to help you get the work done efficiently, on time and on budget.

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